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The difference between screening for diabetes or neuropathy, versus comprehensive evaluation for PAD, is largely in the process and the procedures. Diabetes screenings usually test your fasting plasma glucose level or your oral glucose tolerance, and neuropathy is often tested through timed vibration or superficial pain sensations.

PAD specialists, just like other areas of medical expertise, are looking specifically for the triggers and risk factors associated with peripheral artery disease — while taking into consideration that you may have already been diagnosed with diabetes or peripheral neuropathy.

A comprehensive PAD evaluation is typically performed through a patient demographic questionnaire, a conversation about your symptoms, a thorough look at your legs and ultrasound imaging.

A comprehensive evaluation for PAD is quick, easy, painless, and does not require a wait time for lab results. It could also save your limbs, and save your life.

Why Janis got comprehensively evaluated and took a Stand Against PAD

Her story

Modern Vascular offers comprehensive PAD evaluations. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Comprehensive PAD Evaluations

Our mission is to raise awareness of PAD, and we encourage you to attend scheduled events or take advantage of comprehensive evaluation opportunities that are available in your community.

If you live in Arizona and you'd like to schedule a comprehensive evaluation with a PAD specialist, Modern Vascular is an affiliated group of clinics that offers comprehensive evaluations for peripheral artery disease. The PAD specialists at any of the Modern Vascular clinics can quickly diagnose your symptoms and discuss your treatment options.

The initial call or consult will help determine if your symptoms are likely related to PAD. If yes, you can schedule an appointment at a clinic that is most convenient to you. Your health and peace of mind is worth it, and so is saving your feet!

Did you know?

Millions of Americans are diagnosed with PAD each year, but many find out too late. If you don’t think PAD affects you or someone you know. . .think again.

PAD affects more than <strong>0 million</strong> Americans

PAD affects more than <strong>0 %</strong> of the world's population

PAD affects <strong>0 times</strong> more people worldwide than HIV

PAD affects <strong>0 %</strong> of Americans over 65

One in three diabetics over <strong>age 0</strong> suffer from PAD

Smoking increases the likelihood of developing PAD by <strong>0 %</strong>

Each year, approximately <strong>0K</strong> amputations in the U.S. can be attributed to PAD

Within two to four years of the first amputation, <strong>0%</strong> of all PAD patients will lose the other limb
Only <strong>0 %</strong> of PAD amputees survive more than four years
Studies found that some <strong>0%</strong> of patients with PAD have no symptoms

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