Do I have PAD?

Persistent leg pain?

Most people are unaware of the signs of PAD.

Are your legs feeling tired and cramped, or are your feet sore or numb every day? Over the years, you’ve probably regarded these as signs of a hard days work or just part of getting older. But if lower leg pain has become more persistent and reoccurring even after a brief walk or a short flight of stairs, then you might be experiencing symptoms of PAD.

Most people are unaware that they may have peripheral artery disease because most of the symptoms go unnoticed or undiagnosed. They associate the pain in their legs as fatigue that usually goes away with rest. You may have heard about foot problems associated with diabetes, or numbness due to peripheral neuropathy and poor circulation, but you should also be having a conversation with your doctor about claudication and comprehensive evaluation for PAD.

Like many other health conditions, early detection is key and PAD is treatable if caught in time. The best way to know for sure is to schedule a screening with a PAD specialist. If you answered "Yes" to two of more of the questions listed as associated risk factors, you should schedule a screening appointment today!

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Talk to a PAD specialist.

There are typically two outcomes that can result from scheduling a comprehensive evaluation with a PAD specialist — early detection or peace of mind. So if you have burning questions about PAD, why wait?

The conversation you can have with a PAD specialist will focus exclusively on your cardiovascular health and the velocity of blood flow in your legs and feet.

If you have trouble walking or climbing a flight of stairs without experiencing pain, you need to share this information when scheduling an appointment. During your clinical visit, talk to your specialist about the pain and when it hurts the most — because severe reoccurring pain could be a sign of critical limb ischemia, which is the worst form of PAD and a path to amputation if left untreated.

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